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Pillow Collection

One-of-a-Kind Pillow Drop Earrings with Rainbow Stones

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18K Yellow Gold, Pink Sapphire Rounds (1.80cts), Amethyst (7.06cts), Sunstone (1.13cts), Pink Sapphire Asschers (2.17cts), Yellow Sapphire Hearts (1.17cts), Emerald Cut Emeralds (1.79cts), Tsavorite Garnet Ovals (2.03cts), Amethyst Asschers (1.61cts), Blue Sapphire Cabochons (2.53cts), Blue Sapphire Pearshapes (1.67cts)

This was a custom one-of-a-kind piece – use this as inspiration for your own bespoke piece! The Brent Neale team will collaborate closely with you to create something beautiful around your unique preferences. 



Length: ~73.5mm
Width: ~17.8mm 

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