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Care Guide

Many daily activities can affect the color and shape of your jewelry.
To guarantee the longevity of your cherished pieces,
consider the following tips.

Remove Jewelry

  • When washing hands or using cleaning products

  • Swimming (fresh, chlorinated, or salt water)

  • Before physical daily activities such as exercise


  • Hitting any stone against a hard surface (this may loosen, chip, or break the stone–even diamonds!)

  • Exposing your pieces to high temperatures. Direct sunlight or temperature change over prolonged periods of time can ruin or damage certain types of stones

  • Layering other pieces on top of carved stone in a way that the other jewelry will hit/scrape gemstones

  • Household cleaners, perfumes, harsh chemicals, hairspray, and lotions as they can alter or ruin certain gemstones

  • We do not recommend using ultra sonic cleaners for our pieces


  • Check regularly for loose stones (if you feel or hear a tapping sound, your stone is loose in its setting)

  • Store your jewelry in separate pouches to avoid scratching metal and damaging stones during travel.

  • Always put on your jewelry over a soft surface in case you accidentally drop it

  • Wait until fragrances and cosmetics have dried completely before putting on jewelry

For Daily Cleaning

  • We recommend using a microfiber cloth to regularly wipe away dirt from your jewelry

For a Deeper Clean

  • Use a soft brush with a solution of mild dish soap and lukewarm water. Rinse well and dry with a soft, clean cloth.

  • In the case of emeralds, opals, and pearls, please contact the Brent Neale team to have your jewelry professionally cleaned.

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